Talented people, outstanding services

Our focus at WYG is to be the best in class consultant in all that we do. We achieve this by providing excellence, inspiring confidence and meeting the changing needs of our clients.

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. A team of around 1,500 highly skilled professionals works with 20,000 clients, partners and associates around the world, building highly successful and rewarding relationships.

With our commitment to their personal and professional development, we give them every opportunity to add to their skills and achieve their full potential.

Clear vision, strong values

Our vision is to inspire our clients and our people to create positive change through imagination and expertise.

By encouraging our people, our associates and our partners to share ideas, work effectively together and look at challenges differently, we create great outcomes for our clients.

Ours is a culture built on high ethical standards. We always aim for the most sustainable results from our work and are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. How we achieve this is down to our talented people who deliver results for our clients by living our values and harnessing our core competencies.

Our competencies

The competencies we look for in our people enable us to meet or clients’ needs.

  • Thinking strategically
    We look for people who understand how their role will help us deliver the best service to our clients. People who plan for the long-term and develop sustainable growth.
  • Focus on clients
    Whether you work with internal or external clients, we’ll expect you to go the extra mile to deliver excellent service.
  • Communicating effectively
    Our imaginative solutions need to be communicated clearly, with conviction and enthusiasm.
  • Continuously improving
    We’re open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. By improving the way we do things, working smarter and creating a culture of innovation, we’ll serve our clients better.
  • Leading and developing people
    We make clear decisions, promote fairness of opportunity and grow our people to meet current and future business needs.
  • Collaborating
    We build constructive, long-term relationships based on trust, both inside and outside WYG. It’s about sharing information and being inclusive at all levels.

Delivering Results

We take responsibility and accountability for getting work right first time. We respond to challenges constructively and effectively to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.