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    Suqian Wanhetai Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the Ecological Chemical Technology Industrial Park of Suqian city in Jiangsu province. Founded in 2006, we are a specialized manufacturing and trading enterprise of fine chemicals, with 5-Fluoro-2-methoxy-4(1H)pyrimidinone, 2-Ethoxy-5-fluoro-4(3H)-pyrimidinone, 5-Flucytosine, Piperonal and Floramelon as main products.

    In addition, we are also a provider of custom processing services. Now, we have established    long-term relations of customization cooperation with Beijing Nutrichem Company Limited (stock code: 833819) and other famous enterprises.

    As s standardization second-level safety production enterprise of dangerous chemicals, we own a municipal-identified enterprise technology center, and have obtained the titles of Advanced Security Unit of our city and district for several times.

    We are highly concerned about corporate social responsibility, and take environmental protection, health and safety management as the foundation of our business continuously. We strictly control environmental pollution and chemical safety in order to maintain the interests of employees, community, customers and shareholders; through optimizing and improving EHSS management system continuously, we strive to build a healthy, safe and good working environment.

    Quality Policy: Continuous production of customer-satisfied products is our pursuit

    Environmental policy: Complying with environmental laws and regulations, Full participation in prevention;
                          Reasonable use of resources, Continuous improvement of environment.

    OH&S policy: Complying with laws and regulations, achieving continuous improvement;
              Controlling the occurs of accidents, ensuring employees health.

    Copyright(C)2016,Suqian Wanhetai Chemical Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice
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